A hot topic in our office lately that we’ve been discussing is neighbours. How well do any of us know our neighbours?

We’ve become a rather private society with no one really wanting to venture out and make friends with those that live closest to us. There could literally be just a wall separating a person from their neighbour and they wouldn’t know the first thing about them.

So, in order to motivate people to go out and meet those that live nearest to them, we’ve compiled a list of true stories from people in our office of neighbourly goodness. Sometimes the smallest gesture opens a door to an unlikely relationship.


“I live in an apartment style condominium and I don’t really know too many people in my building but, my parking spot neighbour was a retired gentleman. He would have to drive his wife to work at 7AM so when he would get up to clean the snow off his car, he would clean mine off too while he was at it. He would also shovel the snow out of my spot from time to time. Such a nice guy.” – Brittany


“This didn’t happen to me, but my sister is a single mom with 3 kids, and she would come home quite often to find that someone had cleared the snow from her driveway. Found out later that it was a friend of an uncle who was doing it and he lived a couple houses down.” – Nicole


“This year I had an abundance of dill in my garden and didn’t know who to do with it all, so I packaged it up and gave it to my neighbours.” – Crystal


“We have a neighbor couple that are in their 70s and 80s.  The neighbor lady shovels at least 4 neighbours’ driveways and walks.  She does this everyday in the winter. We return the favor with cutting her grass in the spring and summer.  Her husband isn’t in good shape but, he managed to cut both of our lawns one day because he was up to it.

My wife gives gratitude of cooking them soup, baking, giving them grocery gift cards or restaurant gift cards.

This couple loves to camp on the long weekends at Pike Lake and since their camper broke down this summer they have been tenting.  Our goal for this summer is to rent them a camper for the July long weekend so, they don’t have to tent.” – Darren